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The Icelandic strongman broke the record of 500kg, set by British rival 2020-05-04 Icelandic actor and strongman Hafthor Bjornsson set a world record for the deadlift on Saturday when he lifted 1,104 pounds (501 kg) at Thor's Power Gym in Iceland. Bjornsson is looking to hit a new level of world record (501kg) deadlift, which is currently held by Hall. At first, he is looking to break the record at the World’s Ultimate Strongman contest. But due to coronavirus, he is looking to attempt the record in his gym by taking proper precautions to verify that he is doing lifting properly, which is of 501kg. Thor,TheMountain,Strongman,Strength,Motivation,Inspiration,QandA,Q&A,Tall,Short,Dedication,Goals,Funny,THORSPOWERGYM,GYMTOUR,kelsey,henson,leg,day,squats,kel Hafthor Bjornsson - 501 Kg Deadlift. Father of Fitness. February 22 at 5:13 AM · Latest And Current World Record.

Bjornsson deadlift

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515K subscribers. Subscribe · 470kg/1036lbs Deadlift! Elisabeth Wahlander Rekordet i marklyft, även kallat deadlift, är 501 kilo. Bakom rekordet står Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson som går under  Deadlift. Register test result Register training Fitness level Sandström, 2020-01-03, 3 x 160kg (1x176kg). Robert Björnsson, 2021-01-23, 3 x 160kg (1x176kg).

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Hafthór Julius Björnsson är mer än bara 'The Mountain', Ser Gregor På fredagen tittar du på tre till fem uppsättningar av deadlift, främre  Hverfið mitt - Hugmyndasöfnun 2019WORLD RECORD DEADLIFT 501KG! Behind the scenes! Subscribe for extra support!1003lbs/455kg PR DEADLIFT!

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#ryourogue Bjornsson, who announced his fight with Hall after breaking the Brit’s world-record 500kg deadlift by one kilo last year, showed he’s still a powerhouse by easily lifting 290kg on camera in his Iceland gym. Bjornsson, who was joined in his workout by wife Kelsey, later took to Instagram to show off his body in a topless shot. On May 5th 2020, Hafthor Björnsson deadlifted 501kg (1,105lbs).

Bjornsson is making an attempt at the heaviest deadlift ever, at 501kg.However this is controversial, as he plans to attempt it in a 2019-03-25 Hall set the current world record for the heaviest deadlift in 2016 at Europe's Strongest Man, where he pulled 1,100 pounds.He now objects to Bjornsson asserting that he will break the record on 2020-05-01 Hafthor Bjornsson “The Mountain” is no stranger to lifting weights in particular the deadlift. Hafthor Bjornsson is the World record holder for the heaviest deadlift at 501 kg (1105 lb) , he beat Eddie Hall’s previous record which was 500 kg’s While Bjornsson’s deadlift world record was not broken today, these elite competitors will be back at some point, and maybe we’ll see a new record. But all-in-all, a good showing for the season finale, and at least one world record was broken! Watch below: We’ve provided time stamps for each attempt below. Heinla attempt – 11:30 and 53:30 2020-05-02 Hafthor Bjornsson, aka The Mountain from Game of Thrones, has broken a world record by making a staggering 501kg deadlift.
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Bjornsson deadlift

The Strongest Deadlifter on the Planet - Hafthor Bjornsson, and World Renowned Strength Coach - Sebastian Oreb; have teamed up to provide insight into Hafthor's training in the months and years prior to this, and teach you how to use this same approach in your own 2021-04-13 Shop for the best supportive gear!Shop for the best training apparel! CHECKOUT MY SPONSORS:CBD-Fi Hafthor Bjornsson the 30-year-old Icelandic strongman has been on the mission to set the deadlifting world record of all-time for a while now, he has been practicing, training and showing his improved strength throughout the year and since last year in 2019 when he set the world record for elephant bar deadlift at the Arnold Strongman Classic, he has gotten a lot stronger. 2020-05-02 But with little struggle, Thor was able to deadlift the half-ton weight.

2 May 2020 Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, who played "The Mountain" in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones, has shattered rival Eddie Hall's world deadlift  2 May 2020 Hafthor Bjornsson set a world record in the deadlift on Saturday, hoisting 1,104.52 pounds (501 kilograms). The 31-year-old set the record in  Icelandic actor and strongman Hafthor Bjornsson set a world record for the deadlift on Saturday. wHe lifted 1,104 pounds (501 kg) at Thor's Power Gym in  4 May 2020 The 31-year-old Iceland native set a deadlift world record by lifting 501 kilograms (1,104 pounds) on Saturday.
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2021. Powerlifter Jamal Hafthor Bjornsson förbereder sig för Islands starkaste man 2020. 2021. Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, "The Mountain "from “Game of Thrones,” sets a new w ESPN. 10 månader sedan.